Your RES is updated every time your colleagues complete 5 new Reflection Surveys. You can also track your RES history over time!
Your HR department preliminarily sets the people that give you feedback.
Ripple blocks any and all people within your organization from seeing the identity of the person completing Reflection Surveys. The data is maintained by Ripple - not by your organization.
Depends on your company. Some companies allow for users to solicit feedback from anyone. Other organizations will confirm the people giving you feedback are your peers and work closely with you.
You will receive a notification from Ripple. Depending on the frequency adopted by your company(every 2 weeks or every month), Ripple sends you a link to the new Reflection Suryeys.
After enough data is gathered over time, Ripple can weed out anyone that is purposefully giving you very low scores.
Yes. Offering comments is available if your company activates that functionality. And if your company does, be careful not to give away your identify in the way your write (i.e. using phrases that people easily identify with you) because anonymity is a key component to Ripple!!
That is a decision your employer makes. However, Ripple is able to confirm the final Ripple Effect Score you had at your prior employer to use at your new employer (to the extent the new employer uses Ripple… and if not, maybe they will!).