Ripple improves employee self-awareness by enabling anonymous, authentic and timely feedback from co-workers.

Start ripples of open, honest feedback in your teams today.

Ripple is a platform for providing quick, anonymous team member evaluations. By rating colleagues based on the Big 5 Personality Traits, Ripple turns objective feedback into actionable information.


Ripple makes it easy to obtain feedback from others in your organization.

Your manager sets up an account for your team (or "Ripple Crew™"). You and your co-workers then give and receive honest, open, timely and completely anonymous feedback.

Each respondent completes Reflection Surveys™ consisting of 5 short questions from any device on the web It's quick (20 seconds or less) and easy (just be honest).


Everyone on your Ripple Crew™ sees how they are interacting with each other through their dashboards. A constant feedback loop. Managers and owners can then use the feedback to make better, objective, smarter decisions in the workplace.


Ripple equips each Crew member with a dashboard outlining personal and professional development.

The Dashboard is where you see your Ripple Effect Score™, any outstanding surveys for completion and notes from the Ripple Crew™ team.


Ripple gives individuals the ability to quickly give and receive feedback. Artificial review cycles are replaced with timely analysis that better illustrates worker performance.

With decades of combined experience, every member of the Ripple team has witnessed, first hand, the short-comings of traditional employee evaluation processes. We have all come together to make sure employees everywhere can give and receive anonymous, honest and actionable feedback.


Derek Hedges
1971 - 2015

Our co-founder was a driven entrepreneur who lost his courageous battle with cancer in 2015. Derek’s dream to fix the stodgy, dehumanizing annual review process drives everything we do at Ripple. Prior to Ripple, Derek was an executive in the healthcare technology sector. Derek received his MBA from Michigan Business School and bachelor's degree in Political Science from Boston College.

Noah L. Pusey

Noah brings a unique perspective to growing Ripple, drawn from nearly two decades of experience establishing and building law firms in New York City. He has counseled and advised individual and corporate clients in various practice areas including business development, growth strategy and general transactional matters. Noah has firsthand knowledge of the flawed employee review systems used by many companies - having participated in hundreds of annual evaluations over the years.

Matthew W. Pusey

Matt has been in the technology field all his life. Most recently, he worked for one of the most prestigious managed service providers in the US where he ran the professional services division. Matt has also served as Chief Technology Officer for a MSP on Long Island. He has his Computer Science degree from Hofstra University and lives in Massachussetts with his wife and three children.

We've lived through the old ways of evaluating workplace performance. Now we're changing them for the better.